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From the CEO - July 2016

Promo Insider July 2016 – Message From CEO

Welcome to the July edition of Promo Insider – happy new financial year! What an end to the year we have had within the space of two weeks. with Brexit and the Australian election. Both events seemed to be travelling down a somewhat boring and perhaps predictable outcome. The UK would of course remain in the EU and the Australian Government would be returned (albeit likely with a smaller margin). How things can change so quickly.

Speaking and Content Opportunities

For speaking and content opportunities for APPA please see article for details

Best New Product - NZ National Show 2016

In September 2015 Colour Evolution signed a 12 year dealership agreement for Australasia with Permaboss Canada and installed their latest NGL60 Textile Laser into Auckland in November. Since then Colour Evolution has been knocking on doors and asking everyone to "Join the Revolution" and offering unlimited free sampling to on-sellers to get Laser Etched and Watermarked garments into showrooms and in front of businesses and schools.

From the CEO - April 2016

Promo Insider April 2016 – Message From CEO

Welcome to the April edition of Promo Insider.  It is fair to say the last month was a hectic one as we start to progress the process of transition and active pursuit of APPA’s vision of “Shaping our profession through education, professionalism, business facilitation and influence”.   In pursuing this vision it is important that we ensure that all stakeholders (members, non-members, government, regulators, clients and end users) understand the following key messages:

The bad news is time flies… The good news is you're the pilot - Cliff Quicksell

There are very few constants in our lives and time is one of them. We cannot stop it, control it or harness it.  We can capture moments in time by archiving our thoughts with the written word, photos and video – we can reflect on those times and reminisce, but the reality is when that time passes it’s gone.


Do you know your legal obligations? : Beverage supply and distribution within or to South Australia & NT

If you sell or supply beverages within or to South Australia or Northern Territory, make sure you are up to speed on the Environment Protection Authority’s legal requirements for Container Deposits. Whether you are a supplier or distributor of beverages it is your responsibility to safeguard your clients by knowing your obligations under the Container Deposit Legislation (CDL).

 Requirements of Container Deposit Legislation in South Australia

Bridging the Gap between the Sales Mindset and Marketing Mindset - March 2016

Bridging the Gap between the Sales Mindset and Marketing Mindset
Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, CEO ~ Cliff Quicksell Associates
APPA Newsletter ~ March 2016

Promo Insider March Article - From the CEO

Promo Insider March 2016 – Message From CEO

On the 24th February I attended my first APPA Board meeting.  As someone who has worked in the association world for over 20 years I understand it takes a great deal of passion and commitment to put your hand up to volunteer for your industry association.  I also understand that it is only through the work of volunteers that associations thrive and grow with the industries they represent.

The Promo Insider, 4 February 2016, Did you know?

APPA Members can update their business and contact details online, including company description, logo, contacts and user password.