APPA Awards for Promotional Products Marketing Excellence

The Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) Awards for Promotional Products Marketing Excellence celebrate outstanding creative endeavours and achievements in the promotional products industry. A gala dinner is attended by members every year in both New Zealand and Australia to announce the winners of all awards.

APPA members have the chance to nominate themselves for numerous awards. Winning an APPA Award can have a significant impact on your brand. Benefits of winning an APPA Award include:

  • Receiving recognition by your peers for your hard work and professionalism.
  • Earning new customers and contracts by promoting your triumph at the APPA Awards. 
  • Having the proud ability to display your trophy and market your brand by incorporating your win in your professional communications.
  • Featuring in the Promotional Products Marketing Magazine, Promo Insider, and on APPA's website.

Supplier award categories

  • Best Supplier: Entrants will be assessed on their standard of customer service, product quality, decoration quality (if applicable), catalogue quality, creative response and response time to briefs.
  • Best Boutique Supplier: Entrants will also be assessed on their standard of customer service, product quality, decoration quality (if applicable), catalogue quality, creaive response and response time to briefs. Businesses entering this award are smaller than regular suppliers.
  • Best Supplier (People's Choice): APPA distributor members are given one vote each to determine the Best Supplier (People's Choice).
  • Best Boutique Supplier (People’s Choice): APPA distributor members are given one vote each to determine the Best Boutique Supplier (People's Choice).

Distributor award categories

  • Business to Business: Highlights outstanding achievement in the development and performance of promotional products in a B2B marketing campaign. Here, judges are looking for the most effective use of promotional products to increase sales, improve brand awareness or to support a specialist campaign.
  • Consumer Gift with Purchase: The most effective consumer promotional product marketing programs or campaigns through retail or other sales channel based on sales. This category includes incentive programs in which a product was given away with the purchase of client’s product or service.
  • Distributor Self-Promotion: Highlights superior products/programs designed to promote sales or refine the brand of the distributor company.
  • Limited Budget: The most enterprising and effective promotional product or promotional product campaign where the cost of producing the product itself was to the value of $5.00 (AUD) or less.
  • Made In Australia/New Zealand: Highlights promoting and producing a promotional product or garment utilising the very best of Australian or New Zealand made components, manufacturing, suppliers and embellishers.
  • Apparel/Wearable Product: The most outstanding branding campaign on any form of apparel, uniform or item that can be worn and used in a creative, flexible and effective application that conveys a consistent brand message.
  • Distributor/Supplier Collaboration: The collaborative success of a distributor member working with a supplier member to achieve exceptional results.
  • Event Merchandise: This category includes giveaway brand reminders, branded merchandise and onsite event marketing. Judges will reward programs of high quality and unique merchandise which are consistent in brand message.
  • Not-for-Profit Promotion: The most effective not-for-profit, charity, or social awareness promotional product marketing program or campaign based on message awareness, behaviour, attitude change or fundraising.
  • Sustainable/Eco Friendly/Recycling Programs or Initiatives: The most outstanding product or program created by using recycled or environmentally friendly products, carbon neutral products, focusing on fair trade, reducing waste and/or being environmentally friendly within the work place, with clients and/or the community. This category includes products that reinforce an environmental message with products that are 100% recyclable at the end. Enties must be compliant with ACCC guidelines and entrants must be able to substantiate all claims.
  • Best Integration to a Campaign/New Media: Highlights elite campaigns where a promotional product was cleverly integrated into a broader media campaign, whether it be working in well with digital media or traditional advertising. 
  • Promotional Product Innovation and Design: The most oustanding promotional product program or campaign that demonstrates innovation and creativity and originality.

Decorator award categories

  • Best Decoration Services: This category allows an opportunity to demonstrate all areas of decoration services to showcase your business processes, show how you perform well across the board and how you effectively maintain client relationships.

Industry award categories

  • APPA Industry Distinction Award: The APPA Industry Distinction Award recognises individuals who champion the value of branding and in doing so have made a significant contribution in the growth and success of the promotional product industry. Nominees of this award will be held in high regard by their peers, and demonstrate that they have given their time, energy, and resources to further the industry.
  • APPA Young Achiever Award: The APPA Young Achiever Award recognises and celebrates the future of our industry by acknowledging exceptional young achievers, up to the age of 35 as at 1 June 2019 with at least 2-5 years service in the promotional industry and with a clear affiliation with APPA.