APPA Member Logo Usage Guidelines

APPA is committed to ensuring that all material and media produced for the ‘APPA’ brand are of uniform quality and message, resulting in a cohesive brand image that promises a consistent experience for our members and stakeholders.

Over the years, there have been many variations of the APPA logo as well as APPA member logos. As many of these variations are still being used today by members, APPA has updated its logo and branding guidelines.

Approved APPA member logo
APPA is pleased to provide updated APPA member logos for members to use which are available in the two different configurations (as below) to suit different situations. Please click here to download the logos pictured below.





To uphold the integrity of the APPA brand, APPA members are being asked to replace obsolete logos with the new APPA member logo. The logos below are not an extensive list, but if you are currently using any other logo other than the new approved logos, please replace these now








Who can use the APPA member logo?
The APPA member logo is available to current financial members of APPA only. Usage indicates an implied commitment by the APPA member that they will maintain their membership at all times when displaying the APPA member logo.

If they fail to renew APPA membership they are not permitted to use the APPA member logo and must immediately remove it from all websites, stationery and marketing materials.

Why use the APPA member logo?
By incorporating the APPA member logo in your business’ marketing and promotional material, this reflects your business’ commitment to the development, integrity and creativity of the promotional products industry.

The APPA member logo has been designed to leverage the official APPA logo and by using the APPA member logo you will make your association with APPA instantly recognisable.

Approved use of the logo
To ensure that APPA is not seen to be endorsing any particular product or company in preference to others, permission to use the APPA member logo or make reference to APPA in promotional material (both printed and electronic) is provided under the following conditions and guidelines:

  • Current members may use the APPA member logo to identify their membership of the Association.
  • Members must only use the logo that has been supplied by APPA which should never be recreated manually or altered in any way as this may compromise the integrity of the logo and its representation of APPA.
  • Any use of the APPA member logo will be discreet and less prominent than the company or product name or logo.
  • The APPA member logo must have a clear space around it at all times. 
  • When used in online media, the logo should link through to

In providing this approval to use the APPA member logo, APPA, in so doing, assumes no responsibility or liability for the opinions or statements of facts expressed by the company using the APPA logo or name in its advertising, promotion, letterheads, or other printed or electronic communications and material.

APPA reserves the right to vary or update the APPA member logo and these guidelines from time-to-time. Members will be notified of any changes.

 Accessing the logo
For ease of use, APPA has provided members with access to variations of the logo to suit their needs.

Click here to download the APPA member logo suite.

If you have any enquiries about which logo will best suit your needs or any difficulty accessing the logo, please email