Digital Product Catalogues

APPA's website is the promotional product industries' biggest online resource for the latest promotional product catalogues.

From supplier-specific to multi-supplier themed catalogues, APPA’s new and extensive library allows members to search, view and download the catalogues, and gives distributors the option of sharing client-safe versions through social media and customising with their logo.

APPA members can access two types of catalogues in the library:

Supplier Catalogues
More than 100 of the latest catalogues from your favourite suppliers- all in one place.
Suppliers can add their latest catalogues by emailing 

Themed Catalogues
Inspired by the current market and by season, these top trending themed catalogues include products from multiple suppliers.
Eco Living, Student Life, Cafe Culture, Bags, What's New 2020, Summertime and 2019 CONVEX catalogues are available now.

Colourbook Series
A series of colour-themed catalogues featuring products from APPA supplier members. Browse red, orange, yellow, blue, green or purple-themed catalogues.

More available themed catalogues will be announced in the coming weeks as we continue to upload these to the library. 


Distributors can add their logo and contact information to customize the themed catalogues as their own and share with their clients. Statistics can be requested at any time to discover how many impressions and views your catalogue has received along with the average time spent in the catalogue.

Please note, access to catalogues is exclusive to APPA members. For more information about becoming an APPA member, please click here.