FREE APPA Membership (Limited time only)

Grow your business by joining APPA today! This FREE membership offer is valid to March 1 2021 - no joining fee (usually $180), no membership fee and no commitment to re-join.

Please download the 2020 APPA Membership Benefits Brochure to learn more about what APPA membership can do for you and your business.

Categories of Membership

APPA membership is strictly limited to the following categories:

  • Distributor membership: A corporation, firm or sole trader that purchases promotional products and/or product decorating services from other suppliers and sells them to end-users.
  • Supplier membership: An agent, importer or manufacturer that sells promotional products and/or product decorating services to end users and/or distributors.
  • Decorator membership: Trades only in the decoration of promotional products that are supplied to them.
  • Dual membership: Satisfies the criteria for more than one of the above membership categories.

Before You Begin Your Application

In addition to general company information, you will need to prepare the following in order to apply for APPA membership:

  1. Two emails/letters from current financial APPA members endorsing your membership.
    Please note: This endorsement must be from an existing financial APPA member with whom you have a business relationship. If applying for a Supplier membership, the two referees must be from Distributor members, and if applying for a Distributor membership, the two referees must be from Supplier members. If you are unsure if a company is an APPA member, please use the APPA Member Directory or contact us to confirm.
  2. A 250 word (maximum) company profile, including a high resolution company logo. 
  3. Signed confirmation that the applicant agrees to uphold the APPA Code of Conduct. Please note, you will be required to answer three questions to prove that the Code has been read and understood.

For further information regarding APPA membership, please contact APPA Membership Officer Kirsten Fisers at



Standard APPA membership annual fee:
Distributor: AU$715 / NZ$650
Supplier: AU$715 / NZ$650
Dual: AU$1,045 / NZ$950
Decorator: AU$357.50 / NZ$325
Distributor (Multi-Office): AU$1,045 / NZ$950
Supplier (Multi-Office): AU$1,045 / $950
Dual (Multi-Office): AU$1,045 / NZ$950