2019 APPA CONVEX Recap

Written by Katy Regan (Promo Supply Network)

APPA set the bar high as CONVEX 2019 came to life at the iconic Sydney Olympic Park.

The show dynamic was inspired, thought provoking and immersive, exposing industry stakeholders to the emerging direction of the promotional market. Four key themes were evident throughout CONVEX this year; Products designed for the eco-conscious consumer, innovative millennial driven decoration techniques, an unexpected evolution into premium offerings, and a focus on streamlined global service solutions. What an exciting time to be a professional in our industry with influential topics that are both real and relevant.

The creativity surrounding the eco-conscious consumer will never cease to amaze me. An influx of products crafted from different natural fibres made their way into supplier product lines. I felt the “let’s go green” trend was loaded with momentum and stronger than ever.  Hats off to DEX with their Bruno Eco Pen made of wheat fibre, Trends Collection and their bamboo Wireless Charger, JS Supplies with a stunning cork Calico Tote, Promo Collection’s Washable Craft Paper Bags, and Seed Creations with 100% biodegradable organic grow pots.

After wrapping my head around the increasing variety of eco-friendly materials, I became enthralled at the progression with in-house decoration. Promo Brands was in full force with mirror finish engraving, bedazzled bottles, and food safe inks. JS Supplies created a ready for retail feel introducing bottles with full colour rotary printing. Not to mention, Legend Life and their Valentino Rossi helmet replica cap with a jaw dropping 160,000 stitch count.

These new embellishments were driven from the development or rather the evolution of premium grade products. Everywhere I looked product ranges were showing inspiration and infusion of upgraded retail collections. Nottage displayed their award-winning Power Journal, Promo Bags Online brought in a large selection of Samsonite Luggage and Orso showcased the French Sol’s Collection. It’s apparent that our industry has shifted from the $1-$20 realm into one where the sky is the limit. Cheap and cheerful will soon be left in the dust as a millennial demographic looks towards sustainability to lead the market. Higher quality products last longer which means increased brand exposure and a higher return on investment. If you were looking to wow your customers, CONVEX had you covered.

So many new ideas to absorb, and we haven’t even reached the last standing pillar of the show. With companies like Google having offices in 50 different countries, distributors must offer streamlined global marketing solutions to stay ahead of the game. Global brands now want a quicker, more localized solution apart from drop shipping an indent order from Asia. If you didn’t have the resources to facilitate this previously, it is time to revisit your global service options. Gildan, Fashion Biz, Headwear Stockists and Entity Brands are just a few local suppliers who collectively have warehouses in over 20 different countries. Creating a global marketing solution for your clients just became a lot more feasible.