APPA announces inaugural Y-Promo Committee

The Y-Promo committee aims to connect young professionals in the promotional products industry by providing a forum for professional interaction, support and networking.

So, lets introduce APPA's first Y-Promo Committee, comprised of young leaders from within the promotional products industry:

Pictured from left: Janelle Cavanagh, Stephen Henry, Liz Little, Ruairi Ludden, Brad Pengelly, Nathan Rudel, Jodie Woolgar

Janelle Cavanagh
Co-Founder and Director, Withers & Co (New Zealand Distributor Member)

"I have been in the industry 8 years now and as a small business, I am across most parts of the business be that strategy, marketing, supply chain management, e-commerce, accounting, sourcing and production, etc. Problem solving to simplify processes or to make a project work is where I love to get creative."

Stephen Henry
General Manager, Headwear Stockists (Queensland Supplier Member)

"Although being relatively new to the General Manager role, I have been involved in the promotional products industry for almost 10 years now working for a Distributor and Supplier. I do love promotional products and enjoy the fact I am dealing with these every day. I believe there are a lot of opportunities that exist, there will be changes in the way we have to do business and it will be important that our industry keeps ahead of these in the future."

Liz Little
New Business and Marketing Manager, Stickers and Stuff (Northern Territory Distributor Member)

"I have an advanced diploma in graphic design and my role focuses on social media. I am quite passionate about marketing and I have relished my time working in the promotional products industry. At every opportunity I can get, I intend to soak up all the knowledge I can as well as take advantage of networking opportunities to meet others in this industry and discuss industry issues and trends."

Ruairi Ludden
Internal Sales Manager, Portwest (Victoria Supplier Member)

"I help business owners and purchasing officers find what they need from our wide offering that is best suited for their end users. I have over 1,000 accounts of which I maintain regular contact Australia wide. Being Irish and in the manufacturing side of the industry, I think I can help bring a different perspective to the Y-Promo committee.

Brad Pengelly
Founder, Hoops CRM (Queensland Service Provider)

"I have been involved in the promotional product industry since I was in my early 20s and built a business from the garage to circa $1.7m annual revenue. During that time, I founded Hoops CRM (a tech company) which is used by suppliers and distributors in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada & USA."

Nathan Rudel
Graphic Design and Production Team Leader, Get Smart Promotional Products (NSW Distributor Member)

"My role supports the Operations Manager by overseeing the graphic design and production teams. Key responsibilities include taking the lead on improving processes, directing the team’s daily activities, thinking creatively, setting clear team goals and creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture."

Jodie Woolgar
Promo/Agency Team Account Services Leader, Creative Products Enterprises (NSW Dual Member)

"Starting as a Junior Account Manager, I have been working for Creative Products Enterprises for almost 11 years. I have participated in a vast number of professional development courses and I am currently studying a Certificate of Business Development and Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. I am excited to be part of the new Y-Promo Committee working towards my own personal goal in helping others."