Appeal For Bag Donations from Good360

Author: Mark Herman, Good360

As the days and weeks start to look the same under the unusual conditions we are all working, we continue to be inundated with requests from charities and schools. Good360 has always found an important place for Care Packs and Gift Packs. We pack bags with useful and targeted items for a range of causes and demographics - hospital and nursing home staff, boys, girls, mums & dad's Christmas packs, cosmetic bags for women's shelters and most recently,packs for the 1,000 crew members on the Ruby Princess. Over the past few years we have provided the community with around 100,000 packs.

While the virus has prevented us from running corporate volunteer groups and our Work for the Dole Program for the time being, we have recently received funding for seven new casual workers for our warehouse. This will both speed up the process to get goods to Australians in need and allow us to restart our Packs program as quickly as possible.

We are now looking to supply care packs across three distinct classes of need, bearing in mind that Good360 now assists 2,000 Australian charities and disadvantaged schools. For this, we will need many thousands of bags and we are appealing for donations. If you are able to assist, please contact appa at, or myself at

While we are still formulating the mix of items for each pack, the following table will give you a good idea of what we are intending to do. We are targeting 10,000 packs/bags per group.

To help families provide their children with educational and functional items that will alleviate a little of the home school boredomTo provide doctors, nurses, administrative and other frontline hospital and nursing home staff with items that will pamper and display Australia's gratitudeTo support residents in nursing homes and other seniors by providing diversional, creative and pamper items during this period of extreme isolation
Pencils and pensRefer to Westmead Hospital packsPuzzles
Erasers, staplers and rulersPerfume and aftershaveArts and crafts
Text booksJewelry and fashion accessoriesPerfume and aftershave
Fiction booksNovelty socksPlaying cards
Arts and crafts  
Laptops, ipads, mice, printers