Circular Threads (National Uniforms and Workwear Stewardship Program) Showcases at Parliament House

Last month, as a part of the Centre of Excellence Launch, the team from the Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) were invited to showcase Australia's first apparel led stewardship program at Parliament House in Canberra. 

Circular Threads was one of several case studies on display to Parliament members and Cabinet Ministers. Circular Threads looks to become the first accredited apparel product stewardship program by 2023, with core aims including the development of additional textile related take-back schemes and management of the entire circular lifecycle of textiles.

Minister Trevor Evans (Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction) and Minister Sussan Ley (Minister for the Environment) officially launched the new hub, showcasing the government's support of product stewardship in Australia.

A newly established working group of major manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Australia, of which APPA is a member, recently commenced their activities and will diligently focus on establishing essential data and materials flows within core industries over the upcoming months. The group looks to engage the wider community as they move through the program and build their profile.

With the support of APPA member Total Image Group (a member of the aforementioned working group), the ACTA were able to present an exhibition of uniforms in the workplace at Parliament House (pictured below).