May 2020 Board Meeting Summary

The APPA Board held its most recent meeting over Zoom on Friday 15 May 2020. Below is a summary of the meeting from President Robert Williams:

Over the past few months, APPA members have helped shape the future of APPA. This resulted in a 2020-2023 Strategic Plan which was approved by the Board during this meeting. This plan is about a

renewed direction that stretches the Association by exploring new initiatives that not only benefits members but also the wider industry. This plan includes a new Purpose & Mission Statement, three strategic platforms and eight strategic initiatives. Further to this strategic framework, the Board also approved a lean canvas (one-page business plan) for each strategic initiative, the prioritization of these over the three year duration and a directional financial investment needed to bring the plan to life.

The significant financial impact COVID-19 has on the 2019/20 & 2020/21 financial years was a significant part of this meeting’s agenda. The Board continue to keep updated in detail of our financial position and are satisfied of how these are being managed under the circumstances. With the postponement of the Roadshow, this financial year meant that only one of our major tradeshows was able to be held, so we expect a significant financial loss of close to $150,000. Although it’s difficult to plan ahead at the moment due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, the Board approved two 2020/21 financial years budgets based on two different scenarios.

The Board continue to enhance its governance role and we have now approved a new director election procedure. This document has been designed to develop a more transparent process to assist members to understand the rules for the nomination of candidates and the conduct of an election. This procedure introduces a preferential voting system instead of first past the post as used in the past as well as an electronic voting system.

We also confirmed the addition of five new members and the CEO’s KPI’s for the 2020/21 performance review period which focus on key themes of Membership, Events, Leadership, Strategic Plan and Governance.

Although we are currently in challenging times, the Board is confident that exciting times are ahead for APPA. If any member wishes to discuss these Board’s activities, please do not hesitate to email me at