New APPA Training Series On Product Safety

What do you know about product safety – the regulations, how to manage compliance, avoiding recalls? This new APPA online course will get you up to speed.

APPA’s new online Product Safety course is an introductory course, aimed at outlining key principles and processes and is comprised of three learning modules:

Module 1: The product safety regulatory system in Australia and New Zealand
The first module covers the key product safety principles that apply to the promotional product industry, and the importance of businesses having policies and systems in place to ensure compliance. Practical examples and case studies will be provided throughout. This module provides an overview of the laws, regulatory agencies and legal provisions that apply in both Australia and New Zealand. These include general protections, such as consumer guarantees and the laws governing misleading claims. Further to this, course participants will learn about the origin and application of specialist regimes (such as electrical appliance safety) and product-specific rules relating to mandatory standards and bans.

Module 2: Product hazards and how to address them
Regulations do not cover all products, nor every product hazard. The key practical component of this module is the analysis of different promotional products (drinkware and apparel primarily) to identify hazards and then manage them. Participants will be given access to a number of resources to enhance their learning experience, including a list of recommendations to help them learn more about their products and how to ensure they are safe.

3. Product testing and managing the supply chain
What we call ‘the supply chain’ is more of a network than a linear chain. This module looks at all the processes involved in making and distributing products, both offshore and at home. It contains practical advice on managing risks at various points of production and handling. Further, this module offers guidance on how to understand and evaluate product testing reports and results.

The modules won’t make you an expert in consumer product safety overnight. But they are designed to give participants an outline of the types of actions a company needs to take to protect both itself and its clients.

 The first module is free for APPA members and a small fee applies to access the second and third modules. Non-members may also access the training.

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