November 2020 Board Meeting and AGM Summaries

Board Meeting

The APPA Board held its most recent meeting over Zoom on Friday November 13 2020. Below is a summary of the meeting from President Robert Williams:

As it did at the August Board meeting, APPA Search took up most of our discussions at this Board meeting. The working group submitted a detailed Board paper outlining the proposal and benefits to replace APPA Search with a marketplace functionality/navigation site. The proposed plan was approved with this new APPA Marketplace to be linked to a product databank to now be managed by an external partner (rather than internally as it currently is). This project also plans to consult further with suppliers to update the current APPA format to further standardize supplier product data to benefit distributors in their search via the new APPA Marketplace.

This project also plans to entail a new APPA website and member database, fully integrated as one project and will eliminate the double login entry to the APPA website & APPA Search that members currently experience. This is a large IT project and further details will be announced as available, with the final project planned to be completed at the end of the first half of 2021.

Two further key decisions by the Board:

  • APPA Offices: our existing Melbourne based office lease comes to end in June 2021. APPA will not be renewing this lease and will be seeking co-office space as staff transition to a hybrid working model of working from home and working from new co-office space. Significant rental costs will be saved which can be used for further member priorities.
  • 2021 Major Events: a revised calendar of events will look slightly different to our usual run of events in 2021. The Board took the following into its consideration; the current stance on business events in Australia and NZ, our reduced staff, the focus on replacing APPA Search in the next six months, existing venue credits from postponed events, members feedback on Roadshow v CONVEX etc. More information regarding our schedule of events for 2021 to members in the new year. 

I can also confirm that Lauren Jones was re-elected as your Vice President and that I will again have the privilege of being your President for another one year term.

The Board is excited that projects in the strategic plan are coming to life and if any member wishes to discuss these Board’s activities, please do not hesitate to email me at

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Thank you to those APPA members who attended the AGM on November 13 (after the Board meeting).

President Robert Williams chaired the meeting and presented the 2020 Annual Report and the annual financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2020. All of the proposed changes to the APPA Constitution were adopted along with Baumgartner Partners as APPA’s 2020/21 auditors.

 Lauren Jones, Bo Burns and Adrian Davidson were congratulated for being re-elected to the Board, while outgoing Appointed Directors, Peter Schroeder and Liliana Bove were also thanked for their contributions to the Board throughout the years.