Recap: Education Hour at APPA CONVEX 2019

CONVEX 2019 kicked off with an APPA Education Keynote Presentation from acclaimed guest presenter, Martin Grunstein. APPA Education was proudly sponsored by Logo line.

82 delegates attended the APPA members only 8.30am session on Wednesday 21 August (Day 1 of CONVEX), to hear Martin’s presentation "Making Profits in Changing Times" which looked at how customers make purchasing decisions, and explored the fact that customers are both smarter and more cynical, which requires a changed response in how we sell our services.

94% of attendees ranked Martins presentation as “excellent”, with 6% stating it was “great”. All those in attendance will now take advantage of utilising Martin’s services free of charge for 1 year with thanks to APPA.

APPA President Robert Williams remarked “My biggest take away from Martins presentation was the reference to the hairdresser who sold $25 haircuts, and a new competitor opened a salon next door selling $6 haircuts. The owner was worried about losing sales with this competitor coming in but did not want to devalue his work so instead of price matching he put up a sign saying, “we fix $6 haircuts”. It’s relevant for our industry too, when we come up against so much competition, and we want to reduce price to match it. But in the end, if you deliver the right service and outstanding customer service, then you will be the one fixing the $6 haircuts, not price matching to keep the sales coming in the door.”

Melissa Daley, Marketing Manager of Logo Line said “My number 1 takeaway was being able to substantiate to customers why they should buy from you and communicating the value adds to the market. For Logo Line this would include 3-day despatch, our customer loyalty program and 12 months electronic warranty. Value adds give customers the reasons to buy and justify the purchase from you.”

Justin Reynolds Managing Director of Red Tomato said "Martin's presentation sparked some interest within the Red Tomato team about our after sales process.  His suggestions and ideas on how we can better close the sales loop were taken on board.  This will certainly help us understand our clients better and ensure best return on investment for their marketing expenditure."

Adri Djayawinata, Managing Director of Bladon WA said “What impacted me the most was Martins reference to ‘Recognition of gift verses a gift perceived as a bribery’. Martin told a story about classical CDs in Lexus being provided post the sale of the car and without expectation from the client which resulted in high impact recognition and referral to family and friends. This was compared to the idea that if the classical CDs were provided or offered before the sale was confirmed, the latter would be perceived as 'bribery' to close the sale and wouldn't have had such a large impact with the recipients when talking about the surprise gift to their friends and family, which lead to further referrals. This example is highly transferable to our industry and can be utilised by us in our multiple touch point customer service.”