Rotary Engraving- Top 10 Benefits from Architectural Signs Sydney

Rotary engraving is the term used to describe engraving done with a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle. The tool, or cutter, cuts into the surface of the material to a predetermined depth and produces a groove of the same shape and dimension of the cutter. Rotary engraving can be performed on a wide variety of materials with plastic, brass, and aluminum being some of the most popular in the promotional industry.

APPA member Architectural Signs is one of Australia's leading rotary engravers. Owner and Managing Director Millar McCowan reveals the top ten benefits of rotary engraving, and why it should be your preferred method of engraving and decorating your clients' products:

  1. Rotary engraving is environmentally friendly, creating no fumes or residues other than chips, which are removed by a simple vacuum. Laser systems burn material and require extraction systems within your facility. When burning any type of plastic, lacquered or painted products, a charcoal and particulates filter should be used to collect hazardous fumes and dust.
  2. Rotary engravers allow for the use of different sized cutting tools. This allows you to engrave in fine detail with a small cutter, and engrave large areas quickly with a larger tool.
  3. Allow for beveled-edge cutouts.
  4. Rotary Engravers allow you to engrave onto PVC, which is toxic when lasered.
  5. Engravers drill holes and automatically insert braille beads to easily create ADA compliant signs.
  6. With a rotary engraver you are able to engrave on uneven or warped surfaces with a nosecone to create uniform engraving over your entire item.
  7. Rotary engraving gives you the ability to mark metals, including stainless steel, without the extra time and expense of applying a chemical coating.
  8.  Rotary engraving plastic materials can cost 20-50% less per sheet than laser materials.
  9. Rotary engravers are typically less expensive to purchase and maintain than a laser engraver. No specialized cleaning, critical alignment, or periodic recharging is required.
  10. Rotary machines form facets when engraving, providing greater depth.


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