Production Assistant

Promotion Products
Closing Date
Wed, 30th September 2020
Position Type
Full Time
Depends on experience

How would it feel to work in a team environment where your skills and strengths are valued by your colleagues and customers? At Promotion Products we believe in the value of enduring connections. Connections within our team, connection with our clients and the connections that are created between our clients and their target audience.

Production Asisstant Position

You will have at least two years of production work in the promotional or associated industry.  Your general skill set will encompass good communication, receiving orders, proofing, order placement, invoicing and job management through to delivery.  You will be working in fulfilling orders from Account Managers and direct web orders.

Specific Skills/Resposbilities

·         Great verbal and email communication with clients.  You enjoy talking with people.

·         A good eye for detail, high organisation skills and creativity.

·         It is taken as a given that you are expereinced in outlook, windows suite and an online accountancy package.   Good numeracy is essential.

·         You are highly responsive and breathe customer service.  You will be asked to add value to customer transactions.

·         You are able to negoitiate with suppliers and customers alike.  You need to be able to solve problems.

·         Experience of using an online job mangement system is highly sought after.  You will be looking at one every day.

·         Total job management is your responsibility.  We own mistakes and share victories.



Promotion Products is a sucessful operator that has enjoyed 20 years of steady growth.  You will be joining a team that likes to move ahead and lead the online marketplace.  We have flexible working hours, we will consider applicants that wish to work part-time also (but every day).  We have a casual yet professional work-place in a convenient North Brisbane location with excellent facilities nearby.  There is the possibility of career advancement for the right candidate into Account Management.  Our work trips and nights out are the stuff of legend with a trip to NZ last year and a smattering of nights and long lunches.  There is a beer or wine with your name on it for for Friday afternoon drinks.

If this sounds like a job for you please send a covering letter and a resume that shows what you do in Illustrator.