Self Managed Sales Executive

Branding For Business
Closing Date
Fri, 30th April 2021
Position Type
Unlimited - 60% GP

Branding For Business focuses on creating and growing personalised business platforms for experienced sales managers who are ready to take the next step in their career so they can truly earn what they are worth. Becoming a member of the Branding for Business team enables each sales executive access and control over their own promotions, pricing and marketing. Allowing member to essentially start and run their own business from the comfort of their own home in the time that works best for them. Best of all you all we remove the demoralising pressure to meet sales KPI's just to give the business more money. Instead each member takes home 60% of their gross profit for every order, which could potentially double their income.

Branding For Business is the product owned by Apple Core Promotions, an established promotional distributor since 2016. We have changed the way we operate due to Covid and realised the importance of retaining highly skilled and motivated team members. Now we are looking for new team members to join one of the fastest growing promotional distributors due to our unique operating structure. As we are about to launch this new website we want to hit the ground running with new team members.

To become a member of the Branding for Business team its important you are experienced in sourcing and managing customers. We will help you get started by setting you up with an accounting system, accounting processes, supplier details etc, however we want to make sure you have the best chance of being successful so we ask you to complete a questionnaire before we sign you on. We will also give you an onboarding tool to help you get started from day one.

Members with experience will know where to look for clients, what markets to chase and where to find repeat clients, which will help ensure success in this program. You will also be responsible for the management and production of each order you secure. So every order is managed from start to end with you. Should you need assistance down the track we can also help by setting you up with an assistant to manage your operations. 

Spaces are limited as we are only looking for a handful of new team members. Those that are motivated, experienced and excited to be their own boss will be the successful applicants.


Contact:  or call 1300 322 773