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APPA Awards

The APPA Awards for Promotional Products Marketing Excellence celebrate exceptional creativity in the promotional products industry and outstanding use of promotional products in marketing programs and initiatives.

Entering the APPA Awards for Promotional Products Marketing Excellence is a clear demonstration of your commitment to being the best in the industry, and can yield significant rewards for you, your brand and your business. The esteemed nature of the awards has seen past winners and finalists earn new clients and win better contracts.

You must be an existing APPA member, or an employee of an existing member, to participate in the APPA Awards.

Distributor Award Categories*

  • Business to Business
    Highlighting outstanding achievement in the development and performance of promotional products in a Business to Business (B2B) marketing campaign. The promotional products need to be an integral part of the marketing campaign and should have improved brand awareness for the client or increased sales. The campaign can be ongoing or with a finite end date. Specialist campaigns can include (but not limited to) new product launch or strategy launch.
  • Consumer Program/Gift With Purchase
    Championing the most effective consumer promotional product marketing program or campaigns through retail or other sales channels. This category includes incentive programs in which a product was given away with the purchase of a client’s product or service, gift with purchase promotions, packaging, point of sale and retail product merchandising.
  • Distributor Self-Promotional
    Highlighting superior marketing installations and promotional products designed to promote the brand of the entrant themselves.
  • Distributor/Supplier Collaboration
    Celebrating the most successful cases of distributor/supplier cooperation and collaboration to achieve exceptional results in the given time period. Please note, the collaborating supplier must be an existing APPA member. Programs must be the result of an idea for the creation of a new or unique product to meet the direct need of the client. High-scoring entrants will be rewarded for creativity and innovative incorporation of an indent or locally supplied product.
  • Event Merchandise
    Demonstrating the most effective event merchandise program. This category includes giveaway brand reminders, branded merchandise and onsite event marketing initiatives. Programs of high quality and unique merchandise which are consistent in brand message will receive the highest scores.
  • Integration to a Media Campaign
    Highlighting elite campaigns where a promotional product was cleverly integrated into a broader media campaign, whether it be digital media or traditional advertising. Examples could include a promotional product that creatively features in a digital campaign and demonstrates innovation in linking a physical promotional product to a digital platform.
  • Limited Budget
    Celebrating the most enterprising and effective promotional product or promotional product campaign where the cost of producing the product itself was less than five dollars per unit.
  • Made In Australia
    Highlighting the best marketing campaign or initiative that incorporates locally made promotional products or garments. In line with ACCC classification, “the product must have undergone substantial transformation within Australia” to be classified as ‘Australian Made’.
  • Not For Profit
    Promoting the most effective not-for-profit or charitable promotional product marketing program or campaign.
  • Promotional Product Innovation and Design
    Celebrating innovation and creative development of promotional products or designs for use within a promotional product program or campaign. The innovation/creativity /design must be predominantly developed by the APPA member. This can be in response to a brief or generated by the APPA member for the client.
  • Sustainable/Eco-friendly Initiative
    Celebrating marketing campaigns or initiatives that incorporate sustainable or eco-friendly products. This category includes products that reinforce an environmental message or demonstrate an example of improved environmental consciousness or measures of waste reduction. Entries must be compliant with ACCC guidelines- you must be able to substantiate the claims made in your entry.
  • Uniforms, Apparel and Accessories
    Recognising outstanding branding campaigns on any form of apparel, uniform or wearable product, and used in a creative, flexible and effective manner to convey a consistent brand message.


Individual Award Categories*

  • Industry Distinction
    The APPA Industry Distinction Award recognises individuals who champion the value of branding and have made a significant contribution to the growth and success of the promotional product industry. Nominees of this award will be held in high regard by their peers, and demonstrate that they have given their time, energy, and resources to further the industry. This award can be self-nominated or nominated by a peer.
  • Young Achiever
    The APPA Young Achiever Award recognises and celebrates the future of our industry by acknowledging exceptional young achievers, up to the age of 35 as at June 1 2021 with at least 2 to 5 years’ service in the promotional industry and with a clear affiliation with APPA. This award can be self-nominated or nominated by a peer.


Supplier and Decorator Award Categories*

  • Best Supplier
    The winner of the Best Supplier category is the APPA member supplier deemed to be the best in the industry by distributors themselves. Entrants are assessed on the following critierea: customer service, product range and quality, decoration quality, creativity and response time to briefs.
  • Best Boutique Supplier
    The winner of the Best Boutique Supplier category is the APPA member deemed to be the best small, specialist supplier in the industry by distributors themselves. Entrants are assessed on the following critierea: customer service, product range and quality, decoration quality, creativity and response time to briefs.
  • Best Decoration Services
    The winner of the Decoration Services award is the entrant (APPA decorator or supplier member) that provides the best decoration services in the industry. Entrants are assessed on the following criterea: decoration quality, customer service and creativity/innovation.

*Please note that the APPA Awards Program is currently being reviewed by APPA and as such, award categories will be subject to change in 2021/2022.