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Rise Above The Rest By Earning Your Industry Designation

An international program, the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Certification offers a four level professional certification program for all stages of your career:

  • Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate
  • Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification
  • Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certification
  • Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+) certification

The program requires individuals to undertake dedicated courses through the PPAI Online Education platform (a database of hundreds of live recorded sessions and webinars) and earn elective credits. APPA members are encouraged to complete the APPA Product Safety Training Program which is available through the PPAI Online Education Platform and APPA members are able to earn credits towards Certification by completing training here in Australia and New Zealand.  

Certification is an investment in yourself and your career. PPAI Professional Development designations are highly respected and the recognized credentials in the promotional products industry. As the industry benchmarks, they establish your professional credibility to colleagues, clients, employers and peers. 

APPA members have discounted access to PPAI Certification.

As tabled below, APPA members will save a total of US$220 across the four-level program.

  APPA Member Rate    PPAI Associate Rate    APPA Member Saving
TAS Certification $35 $50 $15
CAS Certification $260 $325 $65
MAS Certification $260 $325 $65
MAS+ Certification    $300 $375 $75

In order to participate in the PPAI Certification program, APPA members must contact the PPAI Membership Department at and provide their full contact details, APPA membership status (distributor, supplier, decorator or dual) and the APPA member discount code (which you can get from emailing APPA at before contacting PPAI).

APPA President Robert Williams, who recently completed the (MAS) Certification, said, “Learning  is key to any industry and this platform provides a fantastic way to do it. I was so excited to get to  each different level and complete my TAS and CAS qualifications. Of course, once I got that far, I had to strive to go right to my MAS and was able to achieve this pretty quickly by dedicating the time required to achieving it. Now I am looking forward to the next level MAS+. Apart from professional development and learning, it also brings some industry recognition, and proves that those who undertake training are true professionals within our industry.”

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