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APPA Product Safety Training Program

As part of its commitment to improving the safety of products supplied by our members, and by the wider promotional product sector, APPA is pleased to offer an online product safety training course.


Course Overview

This is an introductory course, aimed at outlining key principles and processes to get APPA members up to speed, or to refresh existing knowledge. Information provided in accompanying notes allows members to learn more, at their own pace, as applicable to each business and product. It’s best to do the three modules in order.

This online course is comprised of three modules. Each has a recorded audio/video presentation, and accompanying slide notes. 

Module 1: The product safety regulatory system in Australia and New Zealand

The first module covers some key product safety principles and the importance of businesses having policies and systems in place to ensure compliance. Practical examples of typical promotional products are given for throughout. The module provides an overview of the laws, regulatory agencies and legal provisions that apply in both countries. These include general protections such as consumer guarantees and no misleading claims. There’s also product-specific rules in mandatory standards and bans, and those of specialist regimes such as electrical appliance safety.

Running time: 45 minutes.

Module 2: Product hazards and how to address them

Regulations don’t cover all products, or even all hazards within a product. This module looks at some typical promotional products to explore how to identify hazards and then manage them. A range of resources is outlined, and recommendations to help members learn more about their products and keep them safe. This module includes a brief exercise. Products in focus are drinkware and apparel.

Running time: 41 minutes.

Module 3: Product testing and managing the supply chain.

What we call ‘the supply chain’ is more of a network than a linear chain. This module looks at all the inputs in making and distributing products, both offshore and once landed. It contains practical advice on managing risks at various points of production and handling. On testing, the module contains a cautionary tale. And there’s guidance on how to understand and manage product testing, even if you’re only being given a completed test report. This module also includes a brief exercise.

Running time: 36 minutes.


The course was developed exclusively for APPA by Gail Greatorex, Owner and Principal of Product Safety Solutions, Australia.

Gail has more than 30 years’ experience in consumer product safety. For 25 years she was with the ACCC’s product safety branch. In 2012 she started her own business, Product Safety Solutions, as a product safety consultant and advocate. 




The APPA Product Safety Training Course is available FREE to members and are located in the Resources section of the members access area once logged in to the APPA website. Non-members can purchase access to these modules as per pricing below and by emailing 



Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.




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Product Safety Resources

For more information and resources please visit the Promotional Product Safety page on our website.