Our Committees

APPA is building a strong sense of volunteerism by drawing upon the expertise and knowledge of its members to enhance the Associations operations and strategic priorities.

All committees are made up of volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise and have a strong commitment to the Association and the industry. APPA members who want to help ensure a positive future for the industry can nominate to participate on a committee by contacting info@appa.com.au.

NZ Member Representative Working Group
The New Zealand Committee represents and assists APPA in achieving its purpose and strategic priorities in New Zealand. The committee consists of:

  • Bo Burns (Fundraise Factory)
  • Tea Larsen (ASAP Promo)
  • Charlie Nairne (Bluestar Promote Ltd)
  • Grant Forbes (Zinc)
  • Nick Donald (Premium Apparel)
  • Pat Robertson (Tuapeka - Trends Collection)
  • Michael Modgill (Embroidery Works).

PPMM Editorial Advisory Committee
The PPMM Editorial Advisory Committee assists APPA in developing and maintaining a high quality, relevant and interesting publication by offering general guidance about the industry and providing suggestions of content for each issue. Download the PPMM Editorial Advisory Committee Charter. The committee consists of:

  • Aisling Graham (Over the Top Promotions)
  • Matthew Boorer (Promotion Products)
  • Fiona Downey (Promo Brands)
  • Diana O’Cobhthaigh (Turnkey Promotions).