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Distributor Benchmarking Results - Open Forums

Zoom (APPA to provide link after registration)

Members are invited to join in small groups of 4 over Zoom to openly discuss the results of the APPA Distributor Benchmarking results with other members. Discussions may include:

(1) how you will utilise the information contained in the dashboard to provide meaningful, relevant, and actionable data for your business and
(2) to provide advice as to how others may better utilise the information and opportunities that this benchmarking survey provides.

Open Forums will be held over Zoom on:

  • 2pm – 3pm (AEST) Tuesday 18th October 2022 (for distributors with an annual turnover under $3m)
  • 2pm – 3pm (AEST) Wednesday 19th October 2022 (for distributors with an annual turnover over $3m)

Register below by choosing your appropriate open forum.

IMPORTANT: Before attending one of these open forums, members are asked to please answer a quick four question survey of how they intend to use the benchmarking results.