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02 November 2023

APPA Board of Directors Election Results

APPA Members have voted for three highly experienced, well respected members to fill three vacancies on the APPA Board of Directors: Diana O’Cobhthaigh (TurnKey Promotions), Glen Greenberg (ASB Branded Merchandise) and Greg Sandrey (Fashion Biz NZ).

Diana O’Cobhthaigh (Pictured, left)
Owner, TurnKey Promotions
As the founder and owner of a successful distributor business, Diana O'Cobhthaigh has been immersed in the promotional products industry for more than a decade. Diana will contribute fresh ideas and valuable insights to the growth of APPA and the promotional products industry. Diana's motivation to join the APPA Board stems from her deep-rooted passion for the promotional products industry and her genuine desire to make a difference. Diana pledges to collaborate with the Board and members to discover innovative ways to reduce the industry's carbon footprint. She strongly believes it is our collective responsibility to prioritise sustainability and hopes to actively promote the introduction of more sustainable initiatives during her tenure on the APPA Board.

Glen Greenberg (Pictured, centre)
Director, ASB Branded Merchandise
Glen Greenberg's work as a current member of the APPA Board has only just begun. Glen firmly believes that APPA plays, and should continue to play, a pivotal role in driving excellence in the industry and is committed to enhancing APPA's ability to facilitate learning and education for future participants in the promotional marketing world.
Glen is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate of the promotional products industry and has a deep appreciation for its unique aspects and the interconnected network of businesses that bring it to life. His experience in the industry includes leading ASB Branded Merchandise for the past 10 years, where he has gained a comprehensive understanding of vital dynamics that drive success in the industry.

Greg Sandrey (Pictured, right)
National Sales Director, Fashion Biz (NZ)
Greg Sandrey has served on the APPA Board as a Director for the past six months. During his tenure, Greg has witnessed and appreciated the valuable efforts of APPA in supporting, advancing, uniting, and inspiring the promotional products industry. Having worked at Fashion Biz for almost ten years, Greg has acquired diverse insights and experiences that will contribute significantly to the growth and development of APPA. As a Board member, Greg intends to strengthen the sense of collaboration and community among suppliers and distributors to increase opportunities for sharing knowledge, best practices and innovative ideas. Greg envisions APPA as a dynamic organisation that continuously anticipates and shapes industry trends. As an APPA Director, Greg plans to promote research, education, and technological advancements that benefit members and the wider promotional products community.

Thank you all members who took the time to participate in this year's Board Election by voting and reading the candidate statements. 
Gratitude must also be extended to the members who stepped forward as candidates in this year's election- the exceptional calibre of the candidates made for a highly competitive race and closely contested vote. 


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